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                   OUR WEBSITES ARE UNDER A 2018 UPDATE.                                  Thank you for your patience!     

We are thrilled to report a healthy filly NAMED "RAIN" born to WILLOW, Oct 2017 rescue.  We were unaware of the pregnancy when we saved her from a kill lot in TEXAS.

Photo: BIRTH @ HAPPY HORSE HAVEN RESCUE Februay 21, 2018 10:AM

Moments after RAIN's BIRTH 2-21-2018:

                  3-1-2018 RAIN's first taste of an apple                (She has no teeth so it was just a lick-she loved it!!)

Sweet volunteer TORI met (8.2  1/2H)  RAIN 3-3-2018 

for 2018 ADOPTION  
                   Kindly send your wish list to: shari@ktc.com,                        call 325-948-3451, or PM sharifrederick on face book!
Identify skills desired:  ht, color, breed, age,
& any other requirements desired.

THANK YOU so much for giving horses a 2nd chance!


HHH Rescue origin 2005. 

Texas Non Profit 501 (c) (3) organization effective since 2006!
100% of ALL DONATIONS go to horses in need. 
THANK YOU for YOUR much needed support!

2018: An average of 100 rescued horses reside at Happy Horse Haven.
ABSOLUTELY YES-we provide IRS receipts for your donation.
We are an ALL VOLUNTEER rescue, rehab, re-home, or sanctuary.

In 2005 I ran across a large herd of horses whose numbers were dropping slowly  periodically & mysteriously within the herd, or sso it seemed at the time, horses would die due to unknown causes. Knowing that unexplained things do happen to horses, I did not pursue the matter further. Over time the death toll rose & I became even more concerned. In my personal investigation, it was clear a "mixed herd" was being fed daily (so they said), but only once a day in one spot. Over 50 horses (of mixed age, health, & hierachy had to fight among themselves for feed.
Those of you who really care about the well-being of horses know survival of the fittest rules in the horse world! Although I brought the need to separate the herd into more appropriate groups (at the very least for feeding), my desires were ignored. Sadly more horses died (mostly from sheer starvation & neglect). Included among the deaths was a horse dear to me: Bobby Sock Doc (son of Doc Bar pictured with me-above. I played bugle from Bobby's back. He proudly led us safely in "charge", or the "call to mess" (gather for lunch). Too little too late, I insisted they care for the more emaciated & Sr horses immediately. To my surprise I was told "you care so much-you take 'em", so I did. Due to the age & health of these particular horses, they still remain here at Happy Horse Haven (the rescues name as it became the following year). Almost all of the horses at Happy Horse Haven Rescue are adoptable to qualifying competent, loving, caring families. All adoptive families become a part of the HHH family & are contacted periodically every year for photos & updates, even visited in person. An adoption contract is signed which includes a declaration that no horse will be knowingly sold to slaughter. Even a "return clause" is included when horses can no longer be cared for, as well as an "upon death" clause to designate where the horse goes at that time. Every measure is taken to provide for a healthy, happy & safe future for adoptive Happy Horse Haven Rescued horses!

Our websites and other ways to learn about HHH Rescue & other projects we are involved in

My Friend Shari Frederick by Zeb Graham-Howard
  • Emergency Information on Equine REHABILITATION 
  • A description of ALL of our projects & websites on one easy to read site.

  • Fine art by world renown artist. 
  • Auction items                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           www.horseshaveheart.com
                   GIFT with DONATION site for all fund raisers:
  • Rescued horse photos on blank note cards  a) Expressive Eyes (two sets)            b) Equine message cards set.
  • Haute Horsey Habits T-shirts, coordinated caps, & cards.
  •  Horse Rescue Faces deck of playing cards.
*** 100% of ALL PROFITS goes to help horses!! *** 


Site featuring the deck of playing cards fund raiser with photographs of 77 rescued horses. A different horse picture on every card + 4 bonus funny jokers.  
Hearts Diamonds Clubs  Spades Each page tells the story of each horse picture used for each card.


This site lists our over 100 published articles & 50+ photos on natural alternative for horses.  A "Gift for donation" book is planned to feature all articles pending publishers support.   100% of all proceeds go to horses in need. 

This site offers our fund raiser items to "OTHER" non profits @ $1.00 over our cost to help them raise money for their own rescue organizations. 


To view extensive HHH Rescue photos please look us up as:
Shari Frederick on Facebook. View extensive RESCUE photos to include "some" individual horse background, skills & 100's of pictures + training, bomb proofing & adoptions. 
*** Facebook updates are also shown on this page below***

2018 ANNOUNCEMENTSlisted "by month"         
MORE coming soon

BIRTH:  RAIN February 2018

Older announcements are being moved to another page and we will have a link to them here as soon as possible.


This is Rooster, a hard keeper (their description-not mine). He came from the original herd I tried to save back in 2005.  Rooster is a Palomino.  Not a more loving horse will you find.  He follows you around, stares in-or opens- the back door if he wants to encourage a hand out of carrots & apples or water melon. Regardless of a bribe, out comes a big 'ole slurpy tongue.  Rooster will literally lick you like a dog.  When he arrived he was about 700 lbs.  Due to his shaggy wintertime coat the total skin & bone skeleton was not quite as apparent until  warmer weather encouraged a very slow shedding of his coat.  Rooster has a cresty neck & is insulin intolerant.  He is a blessing & has improved over the years to 1,000 pounds now, with minimal feeding.  He is loved by all & is a favorite  for short rides.  He is like a man with a tall hat when you put a saddle on him-he becomes the leader of the ride.  Once the saddle is off, he goes back to lowest in the pecking order yet always high among humans!!!  Happy Horse Haven is Roosters forever home. November 2010.  

NEW YEARS RESCUE 2007.                                                27 TEXAS HORSES 

This is Ms. Sassy Pants, a beautiful long lashed young wild mare.  Late in 2007 it was brought to my attention that a heard of 27 horses was being sold to slaughter. Oddly, these horses were not sick, just unwanted. The owner couldn't keep them & wanted a fast way out. This was my first "eye opening exposure to the senseless slaughter of sound horses". How could anyone slaughter young healthy horses?? Of course I became involved in the rescue. At New Years, momentum was rallied for adoption and fortunately many were pre-adopted sight unseen. The remaining heard was brought to Happy Horse Haven. In a few brief weeks due to local newspaper exposure & support from the community, 8 were adopted out, with 4 more over time as well. Only one was not adopted - the young mare whom I named Ms. Sassy Pants. She gave birth to Equinox  He was giving the name Equinox (Equi for short) because he was born on the calendar day of the vernal Equinox. Another horse from the heard, a wild stud (whom we quickly gelded along with the other studs), was a stand out because of his gorgeous markings. He was immediately adopted & desired by many. Time passed & he was never picked up so he still remains at Happy Horse Haven Rescue. I later named him Cherokee. He is available on our Sponsorship program (Cherokee is the horse featured on every playing card "back" of the Help Horses Heal deck of cards. See fund raising products.)   Equinox is gelded, halter broke, trailer trained and pad/saddled ready - just waiting for his forever home. Cherokee has had round pen time and has had a halter on. He is still wild, (more scared of humans than anything). 

This registered pregnant APQH mare, arrived from North Dakota. She is a unique Cremello. Later giving birth to a sweet registered buckskin foal, this deserving mare still resides at HHH. In 2008, Cremello was 1 of 7 registered pregnant mares headed for slaughter, along with 2 registered studs. Only 2-4 horses were to remain at HHH, but due to economics & the need for safe re-cooperation, the entire herd stayed. Sadly upon arrival, one sorrel mare (who had dropped 3 times on the ride from North Dakota to Texas) was near death due to long term neglect. This sorrel, whom I later named Navjo Red, is now perfectly healthy & back to full weight. HHH found loving homes for 2 of the pregnant mares. Both had world champion background & both later gave birth to registered healthy foals. (Me Me & Thor). All 4 healthy horses reside within 30 miles of HHH. The remaining mares, foals & stud are available for adoption & or Sponsorship.


Universally ALL RESCUES desire to place horses in a safe, loving forever home that encourages the horse's growth and enhances their life experiences. Occasionally that pairing is PERFECT. The horse is willing and has the ability to learn, as well as desires to please their new caretaker. In early 2008 supportive grandparents Leon & Jill Meredith, took a chance on a 3 year old WILD FILLY whom they later named Dixie. Dixie was to be a surprise for their grand-daughter Lacey. No one could have hoped for a better outcome. Accomplished trainer, but a bit rusty, Grandpa Leon immediately began training Dixie. It took less than 2 months to train her, and in less than 4 months Dixie & Lacey were winning ribbons at 4-H camp. Everyone was astounded that Dixie, a WILD FILLY, had come so far so quickly! The two have continued to bond & learn "together" as a team, yet even younger siblings are carefully carried by this softhearted intelligent horse. Dixie & Lacey are a wonderful reminder of the potential in ALL HORSES when given a CHANCE to live, learn & be loved!   **We have been unable to communicate with this family over the past year. Nov 2010 Dixie is in good shape. We check up on her visually at least two times a year based on an agreed upon contract whereby we follow up to make sure any adoptive continues to be cared for. We also have a clause that allows return of an animal to assure no HHH animal ends up at slaughter. 
Happy Horse Haven Immediate
Needs 2018 Priority List:

#1 FEED: Senior Feed esp. a.) THRIVE (Sr) b.) Mixed grass pellets and/or alfalfa, oats, bran, barley, timothy (which we blend). We prefer easily digested senior feeds. (NOTE: We have 47 equine in total so easy digestion is important.)

#2 COASTAL HAY (square or round bales; sorry, I have no skid steer or tractor to unload or stack the hay. Somtimes the neighbor helps with their tractor or I tip them off the trailer.)

#3 Mixed Pasture grasses or Alfalfa (baled, bagged or cubed for soaking)

#4 MORE Horse Shelters in each quadrant (3 sided cover or a real barn to include pens or stalls for separation & safety - Any of these would be wonderful!)  ***Also Materials toward a barn - any new or used lumber, tin, fencing, panels,gates ... etc.***

#5 Welding - We need a person to weld or access to welding equipment to complete many projects for building feeding stations & squeeze shoots for training & working with horses of all ages & needs. (training, trimming, doctoring, calming, halter training etc.)

#6 Truck (a new or used) reliable & Sturdy to haul feed and pull trailer to transport horses.

#7 Flatbed Trailer to haul fencing, rocks, gates, panels, woods, & haul off trash etc.

#8 Small tractor with attachment, forks to unload round bales & pallets & conduct any other farm chores - any easy use/low maintenance farm equipment welcomed.

#9 VOLUNTEERS to help build shelters & mend fences & prepare feeding & training areas as well as help corret or wrap up many unfinished or ill done projects.

#10 Attorney to protect the rescue property after my death to continue as a sanctuary!

#11 Horse trailer (bumper pull - unless a truck comes with it. I have an old truck that can pull a trailer, but not a heavy one.)

#12 Farm tools & tack of all kinds!!!

#13 Feed containers durable enough that horses wont crack & break! 
    a.) Big 250lb storage barrels with lids to keep the rain & horses out.
    b.) small containers to fee horses individually & some for water; including a few hanging buckets. 
    c.) Optional Feed storage building - can receive bulk oats if I had a stainless storage tank or sealed building with cement floor & auger attachment. Would save on gas, time & money. I used to travel 65 miles for 2,000 lbs bulk oats which I hauled in the back of my truck and re-packed in 250 lb barrels. It is just too much on me so I buy 50 lb bags now. I am open to bulk (especially if it was delivered, but I have no bulk bin: would love to have one & then I'd only buy bulk & have it delivered).

*** We welcome cash donations as well. All donations are tax deductible. No salaries are paid to anyone, nor have they ever been. IRS Receipts are mailed back to the name & address provided with the donation. ***


2018 Wish List:

#1 Long wear multiple daily use utility vehicle, for checking horses, feeding & hauling (must cross water & marshy areas in wet weather & not get stuck).

#2 Round pen in 2nd half of property.

#3 Safety & medical supplies, wraps, pads, disposable syringes, etc... !

#4 Safe, reliable & financially secure homes & caretakers for deserving horses of all ages & skill levels!

#5 A good trainer for the horses to take them past the basics.

#6 A new or used durable truck to haul feed & puill trailer.

#7 Any & all tack: saddles, blankets, halters, (I'm desperate for good bridles), lung line, training tools & equine accessories, - (We h ave an array of old brittle leather & parts missing. Used is great - just need all the parts & in SAFE usable condition. Even parts help - can fill in missing pieces on hodge podge.) Plus need stands or rack w/ hooks for organizing and cleaning & preserving supplies etc.

#8 Any & all equine supplementation - especially for seniors, Glucosamine, MSM-i.e. joint supports, vitamins, hoof supports, healthy treats, apples, carrots etc. Specialty supports for Immune Boosting, equine issues ringbone, EPM, arthritis, navicular, cancer, eyes, etc. We love and use EQUINE SCIENCE & are open to all safe supports.

#9 METAL "Happy Horse Haven Resque" sign for entry & back gates.

#10 Chuck wagon canvas cover (a lady donated a chuck wagon - it has board plank seating on either side & a driver spot. It also has the arch but no cover. Need a good sign on both sides (to promote the rescue) & rent it out for parties, weddings, parades etc.

#11 Bridge or cement crossings (with drainage) to cross multible creeks when full; general road repair supports. 

#12 Flowers & plants, rock/cement fountain with seating around it - to beautify around the old farm house to encourage guest to come. I made the farm house up like a B&B, but it still needs work. *** Need PICNIC Tables!!! & Benches.  Hope to do educational seminars in the future - need places for people to sit.

#13 Road work, carpentry, electric, plumbing, a chapel, guesthouse, flagpole & Texas flag, a big bell on a pole with a pull rope, multiple walkie talkies, a ditcher for running pipe long distance & for cleaning out or expanding tanks. retail contacts to purchase & market our fund raisers...

AND A day off would be nice... (Maybe in the next 5 years) !!!

ANY and ALL Supports, new & used are all appreciated & tax deductible !!!



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